Door Surveillant



Product- and Software Requirements

  • [PRQ] The system shall be able to take an evidence when a house door is opened
  • [PRQ] The system shall be able to notify the house owner according to a configureable schedule
  • [SRQ] The system shall be able to take a photo
  • [SRQ] The system shall  be able to send the taken phototo a specified list of e-mail recipients
  • [SRQ] The system shall log when a door is opened
  • [SRQ] The system shall be able to configure the threshold when a photo is taken

Use-Case Diagram


Activity DiagramDoorSurveillant_ActivityDiagram_v20151212


Deployment Diagram

In the following deployment diagram an overview is shown for the high level hardware- and software modules:


Component Diagram

DoorSurveillant_ComponentDiagram_v20151211IDoorSurveillant prodives the following interfaces:

  • public boolean startDoorSurveillant();
  • public boolean updateMailSenderConfiguration(MailSenderConfiguration msc);
  • public boolean updateMovementDetectorConfiguration(MovementDetectorConfiguration mdc);
  • public boolean updateLoggingConfiguration(LoggingConfiguration lg);
  • public boolean shutDownDoorSurveillant();